Max Tides – 12 – 14 September 2024 – at Logelloù in Penvénan, France

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Logelloù is organizing three days of meetings devoted to Max.

These days are dedicated to musicians, researchers, teachers, engineers and Max users. Over the three days, you’ll be able to attend lectures, workshops, indoor and outdoor concerts and performances, sound and visual installations, round-table discussions and more. You can also take part in social events in and around Logelloù.

The concerts and installations will be open to the public.

David Zicarelli, Max’s developer from the very beginning and founder of Cycling’74, which he runs, is our guest of honor and will be present over the three days. He will be giving an opening talk at which he will present recent developments. He will also be leading a workshop on the use of MC.

The Max Tides program will be available in July.

To attend all the presentations and concerts (€90 full price – €75 for SFA members and €60 for students – upon presentation of proof of enrollment), please fill in the form below:

And pay the registration fees here:

You can also use the same form to propose a contribution (conference, workshop, performance, etc.). You may submit a scientific, artistic or educational project or any form of Max patch implementation, including in a non-sound or musical context. Artistic proposals may be remunerated.
=> Deadline 30/06/2024.

Emphasis will be placed on the following themes:


The practice of spatialisation has a long history within Max. From controlling the positions of sources to manipulating 3D virtual acoustics in real time, what possibilities does Max offer and what consequences do they have for spatialisation practices in artistic creation, broadcasting and research?

Granular synthesis and all style of Live Looping

Logelloù is developing the Logelloop software, a tool made possible by Max. In this software, several granular synthesis and live looping modules provide a tailored response to particular artistic needs. The contributions in this session will show the artistic practices around the loop in the broadest sense but also the various possible algorithms enabling these practices.

Embedded Max with RNBO, Gen, Node.js

The integration of new patch development environments into Max has led to new practices by enabling conversion into code or the transfer of patches to microcomputers or non-computer effects. These new environments have changed practices. The aim of this session will be to present projects that have been carried out and the associated methodologies.

Performance – Accuracy

When complex patches are implemented, the question of performance arises, and the answers are varied. The aim of this theme is to present solutions that have been implemented to optimize developments based on Max. Precision is also a crucial issue, and scheduler settings are not always easy to make…

Interaction between the man and the machine

One of the central elements of the relationship between the user and the Max patches they use is often made up of physical interfaces (console, remote control, camera, Leap Motion, etc.) and associated protocols (Midi, OSC, node.js, etc.). These devices are constantly evolving and developers come up with objects or devices that they want to share with the community.

Max and education

This section looks at the use of Max for teaching sound or music, as well as Max training.

We will also be looking out for proposals about graphic programming using languages other than Max.

Scientific Committee :
Philippe Ollivier : musician, composer, designer and developer of Logelloop, artistic director of Logelloù
Rozenn Nicol : acoustics researcher, Orange Labs, President of Logelloù
Pierre Fleurence : digital audio research engineer – Laboratoire PRISM (Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music) – CNRS AMU – UMR 7061


Le Logelloù can help you find accommodation in a b&b and is at your disposal to organize your visit.
The nearest train stations are : Lannion (20 min) / Guingamp and Plouaret-Trégor (45 min). Car pooling will be organized at the beginning of September, so please let us know your arrival and departure times.


You can have your meals (organic and vegetarian) on site, for lunch and dinner, at a cost of 12 euros per meal. You’ll be asked to do this on the Max Tides entry form. At the end of August, we’ll send you a link to confirm and pay for your bookings. We will not be able to guarantee meals to people who have not booked. Reservations cannot be refunded, except in the case of total absence from the event.


You can reach us by e-mail or telephone:
– for all practical questions : 02 96 43 93 57 / 07 81 47 88 15.
– for all questions relating to contributions : +33 6 81 08 18 10.

Le Logelloù, 2 rue de Pen Crec’h 22710 Penvénan (48.818226/-3.288777)

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